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What is hearScope?

A smartphone otoscope for accurate diagnosis of ear disease
Simple, intuitive design
Clear view for accurate diagnosis
(1x-200x) Zoom like never before - detail matters
Real time viewing and video without delays
hearScope stores images/videos for future reference
To examine ears of all sizes
Light emitting diode (LED) bulbs
For easy access of secure patient data

Key Features

  • Low-cost smartphone digital-otoscope
  • High quality optics for images/videos of ear canal and ear drum
  • Cloud-based data management
  • Light-weight, slim design
  • Mini USB connection for Android
  • Integration with mHealth Studio App – secure patient management
hearScope otoscope
How hearScope works

How hearScope works

  1. Download the hearScope App
  2. Plug hearScope into your smartphone via the mini USB port
  3. Take images or videos of the ear canal and ear drum with your hearScope
  4. Store your images to the cloud
  5. Share securely with colleagues or client


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Research Papers

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Membrane Image-Analysis
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Towards low-cost automated smartphone- and cloud-based otitis media diagnosis.
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