What is hearDigits?

The hearDigits Web App is a simple and affordable way to connect with people who are concerned about their hearing.
An easy 3 minute digits-in-noise hearing test using a web browser and any pair of headphones.
The clinically-validated test classifies the outcome as normal hearing or as a possible hearing problem.
Our digits-in-noise test is clinically validated
Embed into an existing website. Conduct a hearing test anywhere, at any time – from a desktop computer or any smartphone using ordinary headphones
Adding the widget to a web page is a simple process. Works in a variety of sizes and layouts, on large screens and on mobile devices
Colour and font of web app customised on setup
Integrates with mHealth Studio Cloud for safe storage of patient information and tracking of referrals
Referral directly to hearing health provider through secure mHealth Studio Cloud platform
Optional decision guide developed with Ida Institute to encourage help-seeking from users
Free to the end users who take the hearing test and hosted at a minimal cost

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Centralised Data Management

Each hearDigits package gives you access to mHealth Studio.

mHealth Studio Cloud is our web application for online data management, surveillance, referrals and report generation. Secure interoperable data monitoring in real-time.


Package Price per month*
Basic (no customisation) $14
Premium (including customisation) $24

*Billed annually. Packages need to be paid upfront, and in full for the widget to be activated.

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